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Is Minecraft TLauncher safe?


Is Minecraft TLauncher safe?

Apologies about my late reply, but The new TLauncher is currently a spyware right now.

Since I’m probably not allowed to post links, lemme sum it up from a Reddit comment.

• These personalities, first of all, appropriated the name belonging to the launcher of another person (original TLauncher Legacy)

• Early in their evolution, they spread a virus in their launcher that modified browser behavior to increase traffic to their site.

• The owners of the launcher bought the trademark and began to file complaints against all sites that distributed the original TL in order to remove the original version of the launcher from the Internet.

• They also managed to take away from the developer of the original TL a group he previously owned on Vkontakte (about 200,000 subscribers). Immediately after that, obscene advertisements began to appear in this group. This was probably done in order to tarnish the reputation of the original TL. Also this group was the only place where links to download new versions of the original TL were published, and the developer had to create a new one.

• Now the launcher is blocking the addition of some servers (and the game on them), which at some point decided to stop buying ads in the launcher.

• Launcher replaces the skins of players with a license to skins from their system.

• Launcher owners regularly create servers that totally violate the EULA and are designed to "suck" money from young players. These servers don't last more than a couple of weeks. They open again under a new name, but without all the privileges for players who donated money earlier to continue the process from the beginning.

• If you try to log into your mojang account through the launcher, you will voluntarily hand over your account data to the intruders. I had personal experience of losing a licensed account due to logging in through this launcher.

• In their social networks, the owners of the fake TL will be happy to ban you if you try to talk about their dirty actions or in any way mention the original TL.

They also try to block or downgrade all YouTube videos that cover the fake TLauncher history, as well as any information about the original TLauncher.

I'm afraid the same fate will befall me, but I really don’t care about it. What are they going to do? Waste thousands of dollars to go to a country then take 30 years to track me down and kill me?